Monthly Archives: August 2008

The Weather Didn’t Stop Our Fun!

SURPRISE! This cruise was anything but ordinary – it was drama, drama, and more drama.  The weather was a bit ominous as hurricanes were whirling around us, and naturally, everyone in our group was concerned about it.  I had a thought at one point that I should carry a portable t.v. with the Weather Channel live at all times with me around the ship because the weather inquiries were constant. I knew as much as they did, which was not much! You just never know when you go out to sea where you will end up!

I’ve been working at sea for 10 years and although changing ports of call because of weather related problems is fairly common place, I understand fully that for most cruisers it’s a huge shock. And shocked they were. Our intended destinations were San Juan, St. Thomas and Tortola….we ended up visiting Bahamas, Florida and Newport, Rhode Island! Talk about a 180 degree change!

Most of our passengers made the best of it, and still had a great time mingling with other singles and enjoying our onboard program!  We had a great time bar hopping on a beautiful day in Newport, Rhode Island.

In the end people made some great friends and did get some well deserved rest and relaxation. When your hotel is floating, you have to be a bit flexible about where you spend the night!

Hope to see you all again!