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Canadians Know How to Cruise!

I found out less than 24 hours before our pre-cruise “Meet and Greet” at the Radisson Resort at the Port that I would have the honor (I think it’s “honour” in Canada) of being the Cruise Director for this cruise. I was a little nervous after dropping my poor confused little dog off at the neighbors and heading to the airport for the flight to meet up with this group, but after meeting Major Bob and Dave from Toronto while having lunch and the rest of the party a little later that evening, I realized I had nothing to worry about, except maybe more Canadians! The weather must have been pretty cold up there because we certainly had a lot of them on this cruise. Let me tell you, our friends to the north know how to party! We had Juanita and Leeanne from some little place way, way up there in British Columbia who seemed to enjoy messing with my head and many others I’d love to mention, but this blog would be really long. Just know that I’m still thinking about all of you and smiling.


 This was such a fun, fantastic bunch of people; I had as much fun as they did although technically I was “working”. We met in the hotel bar about 7:15pm and moved the party out by the pool. Everybody was very content to get to know each other over drinks while watching the water falls in the resort pool while thinking about all the snow back home and listen to Monique (yet another Canadian) order some new concoction from the waiter that we all had never heard of. Just don’t let her order you a drink, ok?. Tracey, our Australian representative now living in Grand Cayman was quick to follow that up with one of her own. I think you just had to be there, some were laughing so hard they cried. It was a great first night. We met the rest of the group the following night at our “Orientation Mixer” onboard the ship and they were just as much fun to be around. Ha ha Thanks Ellen, Paulie, Heather, Mary and Greg. You guys were terrific! Next time, I will make sure Mary gets to be Madonna in the show.


Our first stop was Nassau and the weather was beautiful! Some from our group headed to our Singles only snorkel trip which I heard was great, and many decided to just go shopping, or scuba diving. Regardless of where they went, it seems most showed up at Senor Frog’s to take advantage of our singles “’Two for One Drink Bracelets”. Don’t worry, they all made it back to the ship on time. I think. I thought Andrew would never quit singing though. I’m pointing at my watch and at the ship and he just kept singing! It was good though.


 Almost half the group took our private “Catamaran Snorkel Tour” in St. Thomas and I’m sure the stories they had to tell the rest of the group later that night at dinner had the rest of them kicking themselves for not going too. Great weather, snorkeling, music, crew and onboard refreshments made for an unforgettable day, not to mention those tank tops that the guys pitched in and bought for the ladies. That’s all I’m saying about that. Again, you had to be there and maybe next time you will be. A few of us including Mark and Mike from Peoria, Monique and Leeanne (from you know where) and others headed out afterwards for our own island tour with a local driver. It was incredible. She took us up in the mountains for scenic views and down to Meghan’s Bay for a little time on the beach and still back to the ship on time.


Our singles “Beach Party” at Orient Beach in St.Maarten was a big hit too. I love that island. Although the sun could have cooperated a little more, not one person in our great bunch of people complained about it. Perhaps they had had enough sun the first part of the cruise and all was well with the world. We all had a great time!


By the way, has anyone seen Kimmer? Oh wait, that’s another story.



A Fabulous Time with our 60+ Group!

Most of the group started off our cruise vacation by meeting the night before at the Essex House Hotel in downtown Miami Beach. They had a great patio and lovely bar we could all chat in.

There is no doubt you were all excited about our beautiful ports of call but there was so much to do before we even arrived to San Juan!  The chocolate party was fantastic, many people brought different kinds of sweets and candies, so many in fact, that they had to extend it to the Chocolate and Wine Tasting a few nights later!


When we arrived to San Juan, many of the guests got together with CJ, the wonderful cruise director, and walked around the gorgeous downtown area of Puerto Rico – all the streets were so quaint and the shops were adorable.  St. Thomas was next where many visited “Megan’s Bay”, the number 1 rated beach on the island by National Geographic.” This tour was lovely and the weather cooperated beautifully.


The “50”s & 60’s Sock hop” was next and poodle skirts came out in full effect. The dance floor was bustling and all that chocolate was burned right off! Hawaiian Night was a hoot, CJ had all the men “lei” the ladies…..too cute. Than St. Martin was our next port of call and the tour got RAVE reviews. They had a delightful lunch and lounged around the beach….this is what retirement is all about!


We want to thank you all for joining us and we look forward to another 60+ cruise next year.  Watch the website or give the office a call and we will tell you what we have planned for you next year!