Monthly Archives: September 2009

New Singles Cruisers from Around the World

We had a lot of newbies join us on this singles cruise which was fabulous! Our initial meet and greet for our group at the Essex Hotel before the cruise departed was wonderful and we continued the fun with a scrumptious dinner at the world famous Clevelander on Ocean Ave in South Beach Miami!


Wow, what diversity on this trip!  Our singles group had representation from Peru, Columbia, Mexico, Canada, Scotland and Great Britain……I love when our little ladies came in the room and announced “The Columbian Ladies have arrived!” They were adorable and so full of life and laughter.


At our very first gathering, the new cruisers were already becoming fast friends.  Everyone walked around to introduce themselves; they didn’t even need me there! But Sam and I certainly loved meeting everyone; it’s great to meet new friends. They took no time at all to feel like one of the gang. Joan made sure all our newbies knew how to make jello shots! Thank you Joan!  


At our first party we introduced a number match game, where everyone received a number on their name necklace. A number for a guy and the same number for a girl and they were tasked with finding their “match.” The girls went wild over this! We had so many matches I didn’t even have enough prizes! (I’m sorry everyone, I’ll get you on your next cruise, it was our first run!) We will definitely be playing this fun game on the upcoming Halloween cruise.


The weather, especially for this time of year (hurricane season), was fantastic! We jumped for “Joy”! But not overboard, just while doing our line dancing and disco dancing! These singles were so energetic; they danced, they sang, and just kept busy the entire time. Thankfully Rick got a great video of our Country night and it will be up soon on our Video Contest board.  Definitely check it out and be sure to submit your own video for our contest – you could win a singles cruise for two of your choice!  Good luck to Rick!

We had two great beach days in Grand Turk and Half Moon Cay. In St. Thomas, Tom told me the catamaran tour was the highlight of his trip. Thank you Tom! I do my very best to find you great tours so that you have an unforgettable time!


We took a spectacular hike in the rainforest in San Juan.  We hiked all the way down to a private waterfall where we jumped in and cooled off in the refreshing, oh no, I mean FREEZING cold water! But it really was amazing to be there and experience the beauty of nature. The hike was a lot of work but we kept saying we earned the chocolate melting cake that night at dinner, so that put a smile on our faces!

Thank you everyone for making this week such a great memory for Sam and I. I can’t wait to see you on the next sailing!