Panama Canal Singles Getaway in January!

What a great group of single cruisers on the Carnival Freedom!

The ship was fantastic, perfect size, elegant interior, and to top it all off – a serenity section for adults on the top deck featuring a beautiful adult pool.  This was the perfect ship for singles cruising!

Our first stop was Cozumel – what a great day of partying at Carlos n Charlie’s beach club. We all enjoyed the great weather, music and massages on the beach in the sun, what more can you ask for?   

How about a really fun sea day on the way to Costa Rica, filled with fun activities and good sunning at the pool.

Costa Rica was a blast – especially for all of us who went zip lining in the jungle and for the rest who experienced all the adventurous activities this port has to offer. The next day we landed in Panama, and most of us went to visit the Panama canal and an Indian reservation by canoe.   To the brave souls who let the tribesmen paint them with some ink tattoos – they soon found out the stuff doesn’t wash off.  What to tell your friends back at home, why does your face look like you just got home from Survivor Panama ( Sebastien and JR don’t worry you’re both still hottie’s!)

A couple of fun sea days heading back filled with some great mixers and theme nights.  Everyone had a great time on this trip, and the group was a mix of all ages and bonded very well.

Are any of you over 40?  If so, be sure to check out our new Over 40 singles cruise from Galveston this June.  What a great week, hope to see you all again soon! 


One thought on “Panama Canal Singles Getaway in January!

  1. Lyn Robbins

    We had a wonderful time on this trip. The weather was fantastic and the people where a blast. The zip lining in Costa Rica was a roit. Everyone wanted to ‘do it again’. The Indian village trip was fantastic. I got one of the tattos there too, on my upper arm. It took about 3 weeks to wear off. This was one of the best trips I have take in a while. That says alot since this was my 7th singles cruise in the last 4 years. Harvey and Sam were great host and keep everyone busy. Can’t wait to do it again in the Fall.
    Lyn from Virginia


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