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4-Night Club Med Singles Caribbean Resort

This was a historic trip as brought more than 100 guests to a stunning Caribbean resort!

Club Med Pool

Courtesy: Club Med Turks & Caicos

By the time I reached Club Med Turkoise in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, our party had already begun with several of our guests having already arrived a day or two prior. But once Thursday hit – the official start of our 4-night getaway – Club Med really knew we had “arrived.” Case in point? Suddenly the pool and beach became a lot livelier!

Club Med greets all guests on arrival and gives each one a quick tour on the way to their room, although it was hard to take my eyes off the brilliant blue ocean water the area is famous for.

Once settled in, it was time for our welcome party at Sharkie’s Bar, right on the beach. Most of our 100+ guests came by to pick up our special ID beads, dance, reconnect, and make new friends. From there, we enjoyed the hospitality of the Pool Bar and our own section of the dining room buffet area where kept the conversations going. The night ended in one of Club Med’s nightly themed shows and then a tiki beach party right back at Sharkie’s where most of us kicked off our shoes and danced in the sand.

On Friday, many of us met back for breakfast buffet and got our day going, whether that meant tennis, snorkeling, beach or pool volleyball (the latter of which we pretty much took over for most of the week…well at least Dan did, with his patented look-away serve!). Some of our group even braved the trapeze. That afternoon, 50 of us left Club Med to take in an amazing sunset tour on a large sailboat, on which our hosts treated us to Caribbean hospitality, tunes, and rum punch. Many of us were back out after dinner for our White Night, dancing and taking in the Club Med show by the Blue Reef Bar, where even a quick tropical downpour couldn’t dampen spirits.

Saturday, most of us spent the day on the beach, in the ocean, or in the swimming pool, and even though we got some Caribbean liquid sunshine, we were soon back out enjoying all the watersports Club Med had to offer. After live music at Sharkie’s, many of us dressed up for Resort Elegant night, and I heard some people even dressed down again at an impromptu beach/pool party well into the evening.

Sunday was perhaps our most casual day at Club Med as many of us wanted to enjoy more beach and pool time. About 30 people in our group ended up spending some time at the Conch Shack Sunday afternoon, before heading back for our farewell party at Sharkie’s. We danced, some kept playing beach volleyball, and others chatted, reminiscing on a great Labor Day trip to Club Med.

While most of us left Monday, many stayed to enjoy more sun and sand. Regardless, everyone left with great memories of their time along the turquoise blue ocean.

We thank everyone who took the time to be a part of this momentous trip!

Your Host,


The group enjoyed every minute at Club Med Turks & Caicos!

The group enjoyed every minute at Club Med Turks & Caicos!

3 Biggest Mistakes New Cruisers Make

We’ve arranged singles cruises for 15,000 guests. And through the years there are certain things we’ve come to realize can help each guest have a more enjoyable singles cruise. Here are three of the top things we’ve seen that can mean the difference between a “good” singles cruise and a life-changing “best experience of my life” singles cruise!

The mistakes:

1. Not getting on our exclusive message boards or involved in our private Facebook group prior to your trip.

  • We understand some people are cautious about social media and some don’t want to bother with the computer but really they simply miss out on meeting potential friends before they get on board.
  • Often those who interact before the cruise tend to build faster friendships when they board, leaving those that didn’t decide to log on, left out (or at least feeling a little out of the loop on the first day!).

2. Not flying in for the pre-cruise meet and greet.

  • For each cruise, we offer an option to arrive the night before and stay at a hotel near the cruise port. It’s true you are going to have to tack on some extra money if you come in a day before but it’s WELL worth it! Not only do you meet half the group in person before you get on the ship, you are not rushed or worried that your flight will be cancelled or delayed, and you start your vacation well rested and ready to rock!

3. Not pre-booking our private excursions.

  • It’s understandable to want to “play it by ear,” after all, it’s your vacation! But this is part of cruising. If you don’t pre-book with us, not only will you miss out on cool adventures with new single friends you will be stressed about finding something to do and someone to do it with.
  • We plan these excursions in order to ENHANCE your vacation; we choose tried and true excursions with trustworthy vendors that we know our groups love so you can rest assured you are going to enjoy your day.
  • If you book excursions on your own you will almost certainly be the only single, grouped in with couples and families. But if you book our tours you will definitely be sight-seeing with other singles and depending on the size of the group we even offer private single cruise departures.

Your Lead Cruise Director,