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3 Biggest Mistakes New Cruisers Make

We’ve arranged singles cruises for 15,000 guests. And through the years there are certain things we’ve come to realize can help each guest have a more enjoyable singles cruise. Here are three of the top things we’ve seen that can mean the difference between a “good” singles cruise and a life-changing “best experience of my life” singles cruise!

The mistakes:

1. Not getting on our exclusive message boards or involved in our private Facebook group prior to your trip.

  • We understand some people are cautious about social media and some don’t want to bother with the computer but really they simply miss out on meeting potential friends before they get on board.
  • Often those who interact before the cruise tend to build faster friendships when they board, leaving those that didn’t decide to log on, left out (or at least feeling a little out of the loop on the first day!).

2. Not flying in for the pre-cruise meet and greet.

  • For each cruise, we offer an option to arrive the night before and stay at a hotel near the cruise port. It’s true you are going to have to tack on some extra money if you come in a day before but it’s WELL worth it! Not only do you meet half the group in person before you get on the ship, you are not rushed or worried that your flight will be cancelled or delayed, and you start your vacation well rested and ready to rock!

3. Not pre-booking our private excursions.

  • It’s understandable to want to “play it by ear,” after all, it’s your vacation! But this is part of cruising. If you don’t pre-book with us, not only will you miss out on cool adventures with new single friends you will be stressed about finding something to do and someone to do it with.
  • We plan these excursions in order to ENHANCE your vacation; we choose tried and true excursions with trustworthy vendors that we know our groups love so you can rest assured you are going to enjoy your day.
  • If you book excursions on your own you will almost certainly be the only single, grouped in with couples and families. But if you book our tours you will definitely be sight-seeing with other singles and depending on the size of the group we even offer private single cruise departures.

Your Lead Cruise Director,

Western Caribbean Singles Cruise – June 2014

Our adventure began with a pre-cruise get-together at the hotel’s “R Bar.” The chemistry with this group was immediate. It was an even mix of first-time cruisers along with seasoned single cruisers. After spending a couple hours getting to know each other, many in the group headed to a club for some serious dancing and to get warmed up for the next five days of cruising.

Our group on a glorious sunny day!

Our group on a glorious sunny day!

Mother Nature cooperated, and for the entire five days of our cruise, we had clear blue skies and sunshine, with barely a ripple on the water. From the first day of our trip, everyone in our group blended as though they had known each other for years.

The sail-away celebration on the first day of the cruise was just the first of many incredible get-togethers we shared. With this being a 5-day cruise, this group made sure they were able to enjoy every minute of their trip. Days at sea were spent lounging by the pool, at least by those who wanted to relax. The more adventurous in the group enjoyed the ship’s rock climbing wall. This is a signature feature on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s ships.

We enjoyed the Key West pub crawl and the dolphin experience in Grand Cayman at our two ports of call.

Enjoying Royal Caribbean's Vision of the Seas

Enjoying Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas

We were fortunate to find a wonderful location on the Vision of the Seas where we would meet before dinner, could watch the sunset, see the big screen movie screen, and keep an eye on the pool all at the same time – and while in air conditioning! This was a hit as we socialized and people watched.

Our exclusive Mardi Gras party was a success, with everyone wearing their colorful beads and many bringing their own special masks. To make it a little more unique, we planned in advance for everyone to bring a variety of tasty chocolates to share with their new friends. That’s one of the best things about – our community is always building relationships, even before the cruise begins, and long after it ends!

The last day of the cruise, everyone was busy exchanging contact information and taking last-minute photos. Many long-lasting friendships were made. Most everyone was already talking about their next cruise with so they could see their new friends.

Singles cruising is definitely the addiction no one wants the cure for!

Your Voyage Host,


Having fun at our Mardi Gras party!

Having fun at our Mardi Gras party!