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Shore Excursions Are An Important Singles Cruise Activity

While it's tempting to stay on the cruise ship lounging by the pool, doing so will cause you to miss out one of the best and most memorable singles cruise activities – the shore excursion. According to Shelby Bergeron,'s lead cruise director, participating in shore excursion together is the best way to meet, mix and get to know someone better.

"A Cruise shore excursion not only offer you a chance to explore the exciting destinations your cruise is taking you to, but provides an easy opportunity to meet singles and get the conversation flowing," said Shelby. "There is no better way to really get to know a different side of someone's personality than when you are both taking part in a fun new adventure."

According to Shelby some of the best excursions for singles to meet and engage with each other include the following:

  • Snorkeling Tour: Every snorkeling tour has its own unique features. For example, in St Thomas, Captain Joe and his team will steer you and the other singles to a remote part of the Island on their catamaran where you can jump off and snorkel near a preserved cave full of beautiful coral reefs and loads of tropical fish. You might even catch a glimpse of some stingrays or endangered sea turtles on this outing. On the way back to shore, you can relax and enjoy the sunshine, some tasty rum punch and the companionship of your single cruise mates.
  • Beach Party: Most singles cruise itineraries offer at least one beach party as an excursion option. A singles cruise favorite, the beach party lets you shut off from reality and enjoy what is known as the "true Caribbean lifestyle". You can relax on a lounge chair, take a swim in the warm, inviting water, or play a friendly game of beach volleyball. End the picturesque day by indulging in some delicious tropical cocktails and dancing on the beach with your new single friends.
  • Ziplining Adventure: Bond with the other singles as you swing through the lush, tropical rainforests on a zip line course. This excursion is sure to thrill anyone looking for a good adrenaline rush and who is not afraid of heights. You'll find out quickly who the most daring singles are in the group, and who needs some extra nudging to take their feet off the tree platforms. There's one thing for sure, those who take part in this exciting tour will have plenty to talk about over dinner that evening!
  • Cave Tubing: There is no better way to spend an afternoon than floating on a tube down a river sharing stories and laughs with friends. Enjoy the lush scenery and rush of water as you make your way through a variety of sights depending on the destination including Mayan caves, exotic birds and animals and stunning jungle landscapes.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler, or a first time cruiser, these fun singles-only excursions will enhance your vacation and allow you to connect with other singles.

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