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Panama Canal on Carnival Miracle
Sailing January 17, 2026 from Tampa aboard Carnival Miracle
Set sail on an unforgettable 8-night Panama Canal cruise aboard the Carnival Miracle, departing roundtrip from Tampa on January 17, 2025. Designed for solo travelers aged 40 and above, this adventure offers the perfect blend of relaxation and exploration. Experience the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal, traverse its historic locks, and soak in the stunning scenery. Along the way, you'll visit vibrant ports of call, enjoy onboard entertainment, and connect with like-minded travelers in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're seeking new friendships or simply a unique travel experience, this cruise promises memories that will last a lifetime. Don't miss out on this solo adventure of a lifetime!

 8 Night
 Panama Canal

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Saturday, January 17, 2026, Tampa - Ship Departs at 4:00 PM
Set sail from Florida’s Gulf Coast and you’ll discover just how convenient — and action-packed — cruises out of Tampa can be. Welcome to one of Florida’s busiest ports — where the historically Cuban district of Ybor City, the aquarium, city shopping and local art museums are all in easy reach. Wide beaches and urban adventures are also at your fingertips when you book a Carnival cruise from Tampa. And come nightfall, 7th Avenue in Ybor City heats up, Latin-style.
Sunday, January 18, 2026, Fun Day at Sea
No port today! It’s a great time to explore your ship and its exciting entertainment, food, and activities! Or take it easy at the pool, spa, or... if you book a room with a balcony, enjoy the waves.
Monday, January 19, 2026, Fun Day at Sea
If you’re hungry, the deli is that way! But whether you’re a pickleball novice or kind of a pro, we’re serving up a spot on-board where you can meet up for some friendly competition. In this scaled-down tennis-like game — pop! — oh hey, that’s just the way it sounds when someone hits the ball, you’ll get used to it. This game’s history goes way back to the 60s but it’s gotten pretty popular lately, and best of all your cruise is a great time to learn the simple rules and take a whack at this game — pop! — yep, like they just did. So if you’ve ever played tennis, ping-pong or badminton, you might already have the skills. And even if you haven’t, just — pop! — pop on over for a game.
Tuesday, January 20, 2026, Limón, Costa Rica, 11:00AM – 7:00PM
  • Cruise to Costa Rica to discover why the locals have been called the happiest people in the world. Costa Rica’s abundant ecotourism treasures await when you board your Carnival cruise to Limón. From here you can soar above rainforests, feel the mist from tumbling waterfalls, and swim in clear Caribbean seas. These make Limón, Costa Rica a top spot in the region for embarking on eco-adventures. When you cruise to Limón, don’t forget to check out the city itself, the source for millions of bananas that get shipped northward every year. Whether in the Caribbean waters or amongst nature on land, you’ll feel refreshed and invigorated by your cruise to Costa Rica.
Wednesday, January 21. 2026, Colón (Panama Canal) 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM
Some see Colón as the gateway city to the Panama Canal, the engineering wonder linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Others know it as the second-largest duty-free port in all of the Caribbean, and a great base for exploring the canal and Panama’s nearby ecological treasures. On your Carnival cruise to Colón, you’ll see it from all sides — enjoy a side of shop-‘till-you-drop as you spy the brilliant plumage of a toucan in rainforest greenery.
Thursday, January 22, 2026, Fun Day at Sea
The wild unpredictability of the spin —those hopeful, breathless moments spent awaiting the outcome. It’s a triumph when things line up… and when they don’t, it's an opportunity to give it another go. We’re always adding new and exciting slot machines to our Carnival casinos. From thrilling slot tournaments with big payouts to penny slots — and everything in between — we invite you to go for a spin at sea.
Friday, January 23, 2026, Grand Cayman 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Cruise to Grand Cayman, go barefoot in the sand and be oh-so- elegant... all in one day. Enjoy laid-back British civility in a sun-splashed Caribbean tropical locale on your Carnival Grand Cayman cruise. Don’t let the island’s scrubland terrain fool you — a spectacular marine paradise lies just offshore, where a living undersea wall tapers off dramatically into the ocean depths. Cruises to Grand Cayman bring you directly to the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the kaleidoscopic Cayman Islands. When you get up close and personal with the resident stingrays and turtles, you’ll soon learn why beach-goers and nature lovers rank cruises to the Grand Cayman as some of the best in the Caribbean.
Saturday, January 24, 2026, Fun Day at Sea
Even if you don’t “know” much about art, of course you can still tell when you like something — who needs a refined palette to know when a piece is good? Carnival® leaves snobbish cultural pretensions ashore and makes art something that everyone can enjoy with a series of events designed to bring great art where it belongs — to the people. Take part in an art-themed battle of the sexes or check out showcases highlighting the best of, say, European artists or world-famous pop artist Peter Max. You can’t get any closer to great art… without buying it.
Sunday, January 25, 2026, Tampa - Ship Arrives at 8:00 AM
Step into a surreal universe at St. Petersburg’s Salvador Dalí Museum. Collect shells by sunset on the beaches of St. Pete and Clearwater. Canoe or kayak down the meandering Hillsborough River.

Pricing is per person and includes all taxes and fees!


This is an affordable way to cruise without leaving out the comfort or convenience! Great for curling up after a long day of fun.

Your Own Cabin:


Deposit of $500.00

Shared Cabin:


Deposit of $250.00


Balcony staterooms were designed for maximum sea breeze and the most stunning views, so look to a balcony if you’re looking to cruise aboard Carnival Miracle.

Your Own Cabin:


Deposit of $500.00

Shared Cabin:


Deposit of $250.00


  • 5 nights with breakfast in Reykjavik including on arrival day (guaranteed early check-in upon arrival.)


  • Northern Lights tour
  • Reykjavík Grand Excursion tour
  • Golden Circle tour
  • Blue Lagoon entry and visit

Entry Fees

  • Entry fees for all activities listed under "Inclusions/Activities"

Food And Beverages

  • Daily breakfast at our group hotel including on arrival day
  • Lunch at Geysir Glima

Host And Guides

  • Never Travel Solo host during the duration of the trip
  • Local guides for all tours listed under "Inclusions/Activities" unless stated otherwise



  • Transportation to/from all activities listed under "Inclusions/Activities" unless stated otherwise


  • Transfer with FlyBus from Reykjavik Airport (KEF) to Reykjavik hotel
  • Transfer with FlyBus from Reykjavik hotel to Reykjavik Airport (KEF)

ETIAS Application

  • Starting in November 2023 all US citizens visiting Belgium will need to apply for a visa through the ETIAS website. More information can be found here : ETIAS application ,


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