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Can We Be Friends? Easy Tips on How to Make Friends during a Cruise

Past and present clients share experiences on how to meet fellow travelers and have fun on a singles cruise.

Fort Lauderdale, FL (September 8, 2016) — Today,, the United States' largest organizer of hosted singles cruises, tackles the topic of meeting fellow, solo travelers and making friends on a cruise specifically geared toward single cruise guests. Understandably, some would-be travelers may fret about whether to "go solo," while other single travelers want to know how easy it can be to meet people while on a cruise, and if they might make friends. Thanks to private message boards for cruise guests to get to know one another, exclusive pre-cruise and onboard activities, as well as a complimentary roommate matching services, single travelers will undoubtedly meet plenty of like-minded individuals and very likely make friends along the way during a cruise.

"When you travel with, you have an opportunity to meet hundreds of people who share at least one common interest – a love of travel. Our team has witnessed many of our guests meeting people who ultimately become best friends and travel buddies while onboard – these are friendships that last a lifetime," said Sharon Concepcion, Vice President of Leisure Operations. "Many single individuals like to travel, but may not have friends or family who can or want to join them. We provide the opportunity, the social environment and the help they need to see the world with other passionate travelers. Some people might say they have enough friends, but we say there's always room for new ones." 

Considering a trip outside of your comfort zone by traveling somewhere new? For single travelers, here are ways assists its cruise clients in making friends while traveling:

  • Before clients go on a cruise, provides access to a private message board as a way for guests to communicate with one another and get to know others who will be on their cruise.
  • also holds an optional, pre-cruise meet-and-greets and arranges a pre-cruise hotel stay the night before the cruise departs, to welcome everyone.
  • It's also easy to identify any guest, as each receives a special beaded necklace that makes them stand out in the crowd.
  • Guests can also make friends by taking part in's roommate matching program. The complimentary program is meant to help foster the development of new friendships and save money by avoiding any type of single supplement charges imposed by the cruise lines for single cabins.
  • Both past and present guests are providing insights into their first-time experiences and offering useful tips for first-time cruisers or even repeat cruisers, who might feel nervous about meeting new people and making new friends on a cruise.

Nervous about going for the first time? There's no need:
"I was somewhat nervous going on my first singles cruise, because I really didn't know what to expect. Yet I was excited as well, because I was active on the Facebook page and had met some wonderful fellow cruisers who I couldn't wait to meet in person during the pre-cruise." Bettye Smith, St. Louis, Missouri.

"I'm fairly outgoing but it's still intimidating to walk into a group of more than 100 people when you know no one. I took advantage of the roommate matching service offered by, so I knew I would meet at least one person. I also participated in the group chat room before the cruise so there were a few people I was eager to meet."Christine MacKinnon, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Is it easy to meet people on a cruise?
"Meeting people was very easy thanks to a group page on Facebook. The veteran cruisers were not only welcoming but quite helpful in guiding us newbies. Once you get your name beads, it's real easy to identify fellow cruisers. Even though people tend to break off into smaller groups, fellow bead wearers are always welcomed with a smile." Melissa Owens, Queens, New York.

"There's no way you can possibly end up alone. There are always people everywhere you go from the group so it's impossible not to socialize and meet new people. And anyone who's genuinely nervous about going will meet dozens of others who feel the same way. They'll meet and put each other's fears to rest. Everyone is literally in the same boat." Danielle Shewmaker, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

What would you tell someone who is on the fence about taking a singles cruise?:
"If someone is on the fence about going on a cruise, everyone goes out of their way to help you enjoy the trip with pre-Facebook chats to answer your questions, let you know what to bring and what to expect. This is something I wish I would have started doing 10 years earlier, so jump on, you will love it!" James Anderson, Hayti, South Dakota

"These are some of the best organized singles cruises out there. Leave all your worries at home as you will have a great time! Join the Facebook page for the particular cruise you'll be on, and get to know the regulars. Go to the pre-cruise party! Go to the socials, go to the parties, and venture out with the group. Keep an open mind. Don't wait until day five of the cruise to get involved. You may not meet the love of your life, but then again, you just might." Bill Steinhour, Herndon, Virginia

But do lasting friendships really happen?
"I will be going on my 10th singles cruise for the New Year's cruise. I have met so many great and wonderful people; they are like family. They have reunions in different cities, so I have been to a few of those. I stay in touch with dozens of people all year long so I am excited to see all my old and new friends on the next cruise." Mark Puccetti, Boston Massachusetts.

"I have made so many friends from cruises that I stay in touch with and travel with regularly. I now have friends all over the country and even the world. This fall, I'm traveling with seven other people that I met on cruises to Barcelona." Christine MacKinnon, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

For more details on upcoming sailings, how you can book an upcoming cruise or to learn more about the roommate matching program, go to or call 800-393-5000.



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