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February 12,, the United States' largest organizer of hosted singles cruises,, is providing its Top 5 Tips on how to share a cabin successfully through its exclusive and complimentary roommate matching program. matches singles with roommates of the same gender and similar age, whenever possible, at no additional charge. In 2015, more than 535 clients took part in the roommate matching program, which saves guests money by allowing them to take advantage of the shared occupancy cabin rate.

"By the very nature of our business, we encourage and celebrate getting out and seeing the world – and our specialty is promoting a welcoming environment for those who may not have friends and family who can join them in the adventures. So providing our complimentary roommate matching option is a cornerstone of's benefits, particularly on cruise vacations. It's one way to make the journey more pleasurable and affordable," said Sharon Concepcion, Director of "Our goal with the roommate matching program is to help foster the development of new friendships and offer the opportunity to save money by avoiding any single supplement charge imposed by the cruise lines for single cabins."

The Top 5 Tips for successfully sharing a stateroom – provided by Shelby Bergeron, lead cruise director for and host for more than 80 singles cruises – are to:

1- Plan ahead: Set aside 10 minutes on embarkation day to talk about your sleeping/waking habits while admiring the ocean view on deck. This is also a good time to get to know your roommate. Remember you are sharing a room to save money, so you both have to realize it's not your private room.

2- Respect your roommate's sleep: It's fine to come in late or go to sleep early. For either sleeping preference, whenever your roommate is sleeping you should be relatively quiet and leave the main cabin light off. The bathroom light, reading light and very low volume television are what's acceptable when another person is trying to sleep in the room.

3- Come prepared: Bring earplugs and a mask just like you would on an airplane. These may come in very handy over the course of the cruise.

4- Don't hog anything: Drawers, hangers and counter space is all at a premium and you should leave 50 percent for your roommate. If you have too many things, leave them in your suitcase and put it under your bed.

5- Treat others as you would expect to be treated: The golden rule for sharing close quarters, of course, is to treat your roommate and his/her property with respect. If you are each respectful, sharing a cabin will be a wonderful experience.

"So far the roommate matching has been great. I met a wonderful lady my very first cruise and we became quite close friends," said Kelly Phillip, of Vancouver, British Columbia. "Roommate matching is great as it lowers your cost per cruise and it's a great way to meet new people right from the start. I have not experienced getting a match that didn't work; you're on vacation so be flexible."

"My experience with roommate matching was great," said Omar Gonzalez of Orlando, Florida. "I definitely recommend roommate matching. The main reason is the cruise becomes half price – you can't beat that."

"I have used roommate matching three out of the five times I've been on cruises. My first roommate match became my first friend on the cruise, and she showed me the ropes about cruising and introduced me to so many people," said Cindy Pruitt, of North Pole, Alaska. "I have shared a cabin at least twice with my former roommate matches and we still keep in contact. It's a great start to making new friends, especially if you are new to cruising and want to save some money."

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