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6 Night Intimate Caribbean Adventure!

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Browse selections below and remember...our pricing is per person & includes all taxes and fees!

While cabins vary in size, location and price, all include:
Steward service • Air Conditioning • 110-volt U.S. electric outlets • en-suite Bathroom • wardrobe space • And much more!

Included in your fare:

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Questions? View our FAQs

In addition to your cabin/bunk, we provide:

  • 3 meals a day – served open air on main deck
  • On-board activities
  • Early morning pastries and Bloody Mary's
  • Early evening snacks
  • Rum Swizzles
  • 24 hour coffee and tea
  • Snorkel gear
  • Sunrise in paradise
  • Lifelong new friends
  • Warm clear turquoise waters
  • Breathtaking views, and more.

Need A Roommate?

Are you traveling alone and in need of a roommate? One of the exclusive benefits of traveling with SinglesCruise.com is that we will match you with a roommate to make your trip more pleasurable and affordable. Our team aims to match you with a roommate of the same gender and age range and we encourage all single travelers to take advantage of this complimentary service.

When making your online reservation, simply choose “double” when you select your cabin, and then choose “yes” on the next page when we ask if you would like to take advantage of our roommate matching service. Not only does sharing a cabin allow you to meet a new travel companion in our group right away, but it also saves you money on the double occupancy cabin rate. Many of the roommates we pair up end up being great friends!

*Please note: Our roommate matching service is subject to availability at the time of your reservation. We will aim to match ages as close as possible. Our roommate matching is strictly for non-smokers—this is for the comfort of all our roommate matches, and it relies on the honor system at booking and common courtesy while onboard. Even if you don’t consider yourself a regular smoker, if you do choose to smoke during the cruise, then you will not have the option of using our roommate matching on any future cruises.

Where are we going, what are we doing??

Well we can tell you this...you won't be bored! We have some great times planned both for our onboard journey as well as in port. Check out the awesome possibilities below!

Remember, ports visited are subject to change...

we go where the captain and the winds take us!


Meet Your Cruise Hosts!

Our onboard hosts have one goal, making sure you have a great time each and every hour of your vacation. They organize the singles only onboard events, make sure all guests feel comfortable and an integral part of the group, share their recommendations for your time on-board and onshore, and take care of any small details you need attending to.

Mary-Jay : Cruise Host

Mary-Jay loves the fun and challenge of being a singles cruise host – especially having to think on her feet (or sea-legs!). She enjoys learning about all of our cruise guests and watching them meet and interact as part of a group. “There is so much laughter – what a great job!”

She loves to travel and her favorite destination is St. Thomas. She first heard about it as a small child from her aunt and uncle as one of their favorite vacation spots so to see it for the first time herself really brought back those special childhood memories. Her professional background has been serving clients in a variety of roles in the restaurant industry. She looks forward to helping others enjoy their upcoming singles cruises and sharing the excitement along with them.

Doni : Cruise Host

Doni enjoys being a host because she loves to travel and meeting new people. She has worked three contracts on Holland America living on the ship six to eight months at a time. When Doni is not cruising, she loves to ride motorcycles and work in her antique shop refurbishing furniture to the "vintage chic" look. She lives in Florida because it makes her feel like she is on a vacation every day. She originally calls Oklahoma City home.

Marillen : Cruise Host

Marillen has hosted a number of singles cruises for us and loves meeting new people from all over the world. She feels a large sense of accomplishment when she hears people tell her how much she impacted their trip and helped them have the best vacation ever! Her favorite event to host is the welcome party because she gets to see everyone for the first time and it is so wonderful to see how excited they are to start their new adventure.

Marillen's professional background has been serving clients in the mortgage industry but she has always been an avid traveler and cruiser – cruising at least twice a year. Her favorite cruise has been to Hawaii, but she also loves visiting the beautiful port of St. Lucia.


What's included in your cruise fare?

In addition to your cabin/bunk, we provide:

What are the ages of the other singles onboard?

Most of our singles cruises are open to singles of all ages 21 years and above with the majority of people in any group usually falling somewhere between 35 to 55 years old. Of course, there will be singles younger than 35 as well as over 55, so don’t let those statistics stop you!

What are the average men to women ratios on the singles cruises?

Most of our typical singles cruises are very close to a 50/50 ratio which is what we strive for and again will ultimately depend on who signs up for any particular cruise. We will do our best to get equal numbers of the opposite sex to join all cruises, however this cannot be guaranteed. No matter who ends up in your group, you are sure to make new friends and have the time of your life!

Is the entire ship single travelers?

YES! We have chartered the entire ship, everyone onboard (except staff of course) will be a part of the SinglesCruise.com group.

What types of singles cruise with SinglesCruise.com?

Singles who travel with SinglesCruise come from all over the US and even around the world. Some of our guests are looking to make a romantic connection, others are interested in having fun and meeting new friends and many don't like traveling alone and enjoy being part of our large groups.

Are the SinglesCruise.com activities open to any singles onboard the ship?

No, singles must book with SinglesCruise to take advantage of our exclusive onboard program.

Do you match singles with roommates? What if I prefer my own room?

We do match singles with roommates of the same gender and similar age (whenever possible) at no additional charge. Booking early will help ensure that you are matched with someone close to your age but this cannot be guaranteed. This complimentary matching service saves our guests money by allowing them to take advantage of the shared (double) occupancy cabin rate. This service is available in most standard cabin categories but not available for suites. If a single prefers to room alone, we can provide rates on single occupancy cabins.

Our goal with our complimentary roommate matching program is to help foster the development of new friendships during your singles cruise and offer you the opportunity to save money by avoiding any single supplement charges imposed by the cruise lines for single cabins.

Please note that SinglesCruise.com accepts no responsibility for roommate matching incompatibility such as sleep patterns, snoring, noise, or age differences. If you are concerned that any of these disparities may be an issue affecting the enjoyment of your vacation, we recommend you purchase a single cabin or better yet - bring a friend along who may also enjoy a singles cruise!

SinglesCruise will match clients of the same gender to share a cabin, and it will try to match roommates based on age similarity, although this is not a guarantee. SinglesCruise does not conduct any type of background checks on it clients in general, and specifically does not conduct background checks on matching a client with another in a roommate situation.

SinglesCruise makes no representations or warranties regarding compatibility between roommates. Our roommate matching is strictly for non-smokers - this is for the comfort of all our roommate matches, and it relies on the honor system at booking and common courtesy while onboard. Even if you don’t consider yourself a regular smoker, if you do choose to smoke during the cruise, then you will not have the option of using our roommate matching on any future cruises.

Under no circumstances will SinglesCruise be liable for any damages whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, general, special, compensatory, consequential, and/or incidental arising out of or relating to the conduct of any client or guest action or interaction between clients or guests, including without limitation bodily injury, emotional distress, harassment, and defamation.

Can I book shore excursions through SinglesCruise.com?

Yes, SinglesCruise.com offers optional shore excursions for our group. Shore excursions are guided tours or adventures in a cruise ship's port of call. We will provide information and booking instructions on these excursions approximately 60 days prior to each cruise.

Can we meet any of the singles on our cruise before we depart?

Yes, you will be given access to a private Facebook page to communicate with and get to know other singles on your single cruises. We typically hold an optional pre-cruise meet and greet and arrange a pre-cruise hotel in the port city the night before the cruise departs to welcome all of our singles and begin the fun! Ask our cruise specialists for the pre-cruise details after your booking is completed.

Do I need a passport?


How do I obtain a passport?

United States citizens can visit the State Department's travel website www.travel.state.gov, or call the U.S. National Passport Information Center: 1-877-4USA-PPT; TDD/TTY: 1-888-874-7793. The standard processing of a passport is six weeks if you apply from inside the U.S. SinglesCruise recommends that all travelers gain a passport even if just considering a cruise vacation.

What should I pack?

Leave the bling, formal wear and high heels at home. Not needed on this cruise. It's relaxed, casual, and informal wear this week. You want to pack light and preferably in soft sided or duffel type luggage due to limited space in your cabin. There are no safes in the cabins or locks on the doors, so leave those valuables at home. T-shirts, shorts and bathing suits are the fashion of the week. Don't forget a light jacket or sweatshirt for night breezes when star gazing. If you plan on hiking don't forget a pair of sneakers or hiking boots, otherwise, bare feet and sandals are all you will need. The sun is stronger down island, so make sure you use sunscreen. If you just have to have your hairdryer and curling iron, electricity onboard is standard US 110 volts.

When can we board the ship?

Boarding begins at 5 pm on Sunday evening. You will meet at the launch to take you to the ship at dock in St. George's Harbor. You may drop off your luggage at the dock starting at 3pm. If you arrive early, take some time to explore the Carenage and make sure to visit the Spice Ladies! The ship sails on Sunday night and returns to Grenada on Saturday in time to make early morning flights out. Disembark the ship on Saturday at 10am.

Can I bring alcohol or other drinks?

You may not bring alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages onboard. There is a fully stocked bar where liquor, beer and wine can be purchased. "Doubloons" will be available on board for drink purchases. Due to customs regulations and liability restrictions, opened personal liquor bottles in cabins is not allowed.